Why Will Our Students Succeed?

C.G.A. is committed to be a futuristic school to our students as we believe education is life-changing and not simply an imparting of knowledge.


Our students will be learning entrepreneurship courses throughout their high school years. Students will be exposed to new ideas, resources and will be challenged to live out their dreams. We strongly encourage our future generations’ dream and dare them to live them out!


To equip our students be future leaders, we emphasize 2 HT’s, High Touch and High Tech, in our programs.


High Touch

We help our students high touch with nature, cultures and people with different ethics and social background.


High Tech

Make good use of Information and educational technology. We connect our students to world-class educational resources and competitions to expand their global perspectives and social network.


We also offer accelerated learning opportunities and Advanced Placement (AP) programs for suitable students.